Hottests ask Santa for help

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With Christmas only a day away, what better way to prepare for the big day than by asking Santa Claus for help? Well, that’s exactly what the Hottests have done!

The Hottests, more specifically our friends over at 2ONEDAY, have recently written to the jolly ol’ St. Nick asking him to grant their Christmas wish of bringing back Jaebeom. With the letter adorned with festive pink colors and bling to represent 2PM’s leadja, there’s no way that Santa can miss this one!

The letter reads…

Dear Santa Claus,

For the entire year, all we did was love ’em eleven boys.
We weren’t naughty and didn’t think of them as toys.
But something happened
That made us disheartened.
We lost our only leadja
Who we thought we’d have fo-eh-va`.

Jay Park is his name,
A man worthy of all his fame.
Without his presence around,
We can’t hear that special sound.
Coz that charm, charisma, and smile,
Only he can do in his own style.

Forgive our sins for wanting him back,
Hoping that his dreams are back on track.
Excuse us for praying for his return,
Giving him back what he rightfully earned.
Pardon our desire to see them complete,
Being back with his brothers will be sweet.

We ask you to grant us our small Christmas wish
That they’ll be together again, pretty please.
Bestow upon us this special gift,
And please do so in a swift.
In exchange, we promise to be nice
And spend the next year wise.

Santa Clause, please listen to our hearts.
We’ll wait for you while we hold our farts.

Merry Christmas!


I’m sure that Jaebeom would smile after seeing this cute gesture. For more on how you can write your last minute letter to Santa and for more details on this project visit our friends at 2ONEDAY!


Secret’s Song Ji Eun Makes Her Debut With Yesterday

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Secret‘s Song Ji Eun began her solo activities with a performance with Fly to the Sky‘s Hwanhee on KBS 2TV Music Bank.

The track, which was released on the 15th, experienced an explosive reaction from the public as it ranked #1 on realtime charts of online portal sites and was one of the most searched keywords.

Perhaps it’s because the R&B singer wrote the lyrics to the song himself, but both he and the member of Secret radiated an emotional intensity that was appropriate for the sad ballad song. Additionally, the harmony of Hwanhee’s deep, powerful pipes and Song Ji Eun’s soft, angelic vocals made for a performance that was enjoyable to listen to.

Based on her performance tonight, I think it’s safe to say that her vocal abilities are no longer a secret. Stay tuned for more performances from her (and Hwanhee) on MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo this weekend.

For more on Secret check out SecretFour.


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Hi guys! I’m finally back after all this time! I’ve been busy… with school, and… yea… I haven’t been busy… just lazy…hehehe~ Okay, I’m back so, I’m gonna try to post najor news ONLY! Thanks for reading!

4minute “For Muzik”

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Album: For Muzik
Artist: 4minute
Release Date: 2009-09-02
Language: Korean


01. For Muzik
03. Hot Issue
04. What a girl wants
05. 웃겨
06. 안줄래
07. Hot Issue (Remix)


Click HERE to download

NichKhun Wishes For YoonA

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Yes, start crying ladies, this is for real.

2PM’s Nichkhun has stated that his ideal girl woman is SNSD / Girl’s Generation member YoonA.

He commented that, “YoonA has a really pretty smile”, when asked who his ideal girl was by the host on KBS2TV’s SangSang Plus Season 2.

Looks like Nichkhun really wants to shoot high with his ladies, and rightfully so. SNSD is the cream of the crop, and with 2PM rapidly gaining fame, the two will have plenty in common. Maybe, we’ll see our first idol group couple?

But it doesn’t end there either. Taecyeon also stated that he “really likes Ha Ji Won.” Nichkhun confirmed this with a story. “We were eating in a restaurant this one day and saw Ha Ji Won on a poster and Taecyeon looked at it and said, ‘Really sexy…’ ”

But there is SOME good news for the screaming, moaning fangirls around the world. Leader Jaebum revealed, “I used to have a girlfriend in America. I don’t remember who wanted to break up, but we eventually did breakup. But in Korea, I don’t have a girlfriend.”

It seemed like a lot of 2PM info will be revealed on this episode! It was also reported that Nichkhun talked about how he was discovered by JYP.

4minute Gets Banned From KBS

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4Minute who will be releasing their first mini-album “For Muzik,” on the 31st, has just been banned by KBS!

KBS has determined that 4Minute’s track “I won’t give (안줄래),” has inappropriate lyrics.

Specifically these lyrics (오늘부터 너 한테 나 안줄래/ 이제 다신 내 맘 전부 안줄래/ 이젠 다시 너한테는 안 줄래~):

“Starting from today, I won’t give myself to you / Now, I will never give you my entire heart / Now, I won’t ever give myself to you.”

Cube Entertainment stated:

“The lyrics for ‘I won’t give’ is about the pure feelings of a girl to a guy. We are very disappointed that the lyrics were deemed inappropriate.”

Ouch! I personally don’t think it’s that bad, but it does have a slight sexual innuendo. Then again, everything has a slight sexual innuendo to me.

G-Dragon’s Solo Stage!

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Yay! He’s finally out! And everyone’s loving his songs! His solo stage was BANGIN’! Anyways you guys know who I’m talking about right? GD! That’s right! His solo stage was yesterday! (Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot! I’m busy with School! Ugh!) His Heartbreaker perf first an then Breathe. I honestly think GD’s Breathe has more sexual meaning than 4minute’s 안줄래 (I Won’t Give(?)). Anyways. That’s not the point! The point is… well, you’ll get it after you watch his perfs!

Credits to CodeMonmonSeason3 for the vids!