Hottests ask Santa for help

With Christmas only a day away, what better way to prepare for the big day than by asking Santa Claus for help? Well, that’s exactly what the Hottests have done!

The Hottests, more specifically our friends over at 2ONEDAY, have recently written to the jolly ol’ St. Nick asking him to grant their Christmas wish of bringing back Jaebeom. With the letter adorned with festive pink colors and bling to represent 2PM’s leadja, there’s no way that Santa can miss this one!

The letter reads…

Dear Santa Claus,

For the entire year, all we did was love ’em eleven boys.
We weren’t naughty and didn’t think of them as toys.
But something happened
That made us disheartened.
We lost our only leadja
Who we thought we’d have fo-eh-va`.

Jay Park is his name,
A man worthy of all his fame.
Without his presence around,
We can’t hear that special sound.
Coz that charm, charisma, and smile,
Only he can do in his own style.

Forgive our sins for wanting him back,
Hoping that his dreams are back on track.
Excuse us for praying for his return,
Giving him back what he rightfully earned.
Pardon our desire to see them complete,
Being back with his brothers will be sweet.

We ask you to grant us our small Christmas wish
That they’ll be together again, pretty please.
Bestow upon us this special gift,
And please do so in a swift.
In exchange, we promise to be nice
And spend the next year wise.

Santa Clause, please listen to our hearts.
We’ll wait for you while we hold our farts.

Merry Christmas!


I’m sure that Jaebeom would smile after seeing this cute gesture. For more on how you can write your last minute letter to Santa and for more details on this project visit our friends at 2ONEDAY!


~ by luvwb1005 on December 24, 2009.

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